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Leyland Torque 2018

Details of the issues of Leyland Torque which were published in 2017.

Leyland Torque 79 - Spring 2018


Cover Picture - ACW 146 (Burnley, Colne & Nelson 187).
Torque and Journel

Society Gathering at Leyland - Sunday 8th July.
Leyland Service Manuals

What Leyland's Doing

From DAF Trucks Ltd - By Robin Easton

Progress at BCVM - By Keith Moyes

Two ICI Leylands

Food for Thought.

What Might have been -5 - The final chapter.

'Dotty' Model Types - from Paul  Lacey & Mike Sutcliffe.

A Century not out for the Proctors - By Allen Procter.
Centerfold - But, all three buses in this picture are AECs!

Odd bodies - Feature edited by Gordon Brooke.


Road Safety Exhibition, Leyland Cheetah, HXT 340;

Ex-Hanson, Leyland Lion LT1, VH 2851;

Leyland Lion LT4 Lorry, ZI 8739;

Alexander (Greyhound), Leyland PD2, NDT 997;

Odd Bodies Extra;

Paton, Renfrew, Leyland Tiger TS1;

Banfields Coaches, Leyland Tiger PS1/1, MRF 347;

Sheenway, Leyland Tiger TS2;

Ecurie Ecosse, Leyland Tiger TS4, WG 1110;

Bengry (Primrose), Leominster, Leyland Lions WU 8270 & CVJ 846:

Crosville MS, Leyland Titan TD1 DB 9398;

Unregistered Willowbrook Demonstrator on Royal Tiger Chassis;

W A Noakes, Leyland Titan, TF 7818

Leyland in Persia.

Leylands assembled in Iran - By Trevor Holland.

Another face of Leyland, No.9 - By Michael Plunkett.

Letters to the Editor - The Leyland Buffalo; The Long Haul; The Launch of the Tiger.
The rear cover - PB-17-55 (Ketjen, Holland)
Tailpiece - A bus to nowhere?

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