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The Leyland Society has a wide range of items for sale to its members, as outlined below:

NOTE: Please be aware of people requesting payment via Western Union, they then fail to dispatch the goods.

Paypal have methods of verifying accounts holders and bank details, therefore this is the preferred method.

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A selection of badges in enamel and either polished silver or brass are available for sale, as are Society mugs and "Monty" the Leyland bear.

The Leyland Society has a large range of clothing available to members. All items bear the "Leyland Motors Ltd" logo.


  Polo Shirts - in Burgundy or Black in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL
Placket Sweatshirts - in Burgundy or Navy in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL
Gilet (Body warmer) - in Navy Blue or Green in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL
Baseball Caps - in navy only.


Leyland Society Badges
They are all limited edition (250) and £7.00 each, any 5 for £30 and any 12 for £60

The Society's original badge is a very smart chrome plated oval lapel badge with the Leyland scroll in blue enamel.


  2000, replica Employees badge, Red


2001, replica Employees badge, Black


2002, Panther


2003, "Octopus" Leyland, Red


2004, "120 Years" No longer available


2005, Yellow shield (replica motor show badge)


2006, Silver winged Atantean (celebrating 50 years of the Atlantean)

  2007, Reproduction of the 1920's enamel Badger badge


2008, Society 10th Anniversary badge. Crich Tramway Museum

  2009, Tiger leather key fob

  2010, Leaping Tiger, bounding along the open road triangular badge


2011, Comet 90. Red


2012, The Leyland Swirl


2013, Leyland Header tank plate. Red

  2014, Leaping Lion, in conjunction with the Society Fleet series publication


2015, Silver winged Tiger Cub

  2016, Royal Tiger Doyen

Due to demand we may not be able to satisfy bulk orders so please ensure you add your contact details in order that we can discuss substitutions and due to high postal charges we will reserve the right to substitute badges to complete orders.

Leyland Society General
  Order No. S019

Bone china mugs bearing the logo of "The Leyland Society" and "Leyland Motors Ltd." in Blue.

Price: £5.00 each or £19.00 for set of 4

  Order No. S021

Leyland Society self adhesive window sticker.

It is available in two sizes:

Small - 2½" x 1¾" @ £0.50
Large - 4¾" x 3¼" @ £1.00

  Order No. S022

Leyland Society Lapel Badge.

Measures 1" by 1½".

Price: £5.00

  Order No. S024

The DVD of the Leyland Society's 10th. Anniversary Gathering at The Crich Tramway Museum, is now for sale. It is a top quality production lasting 1hr 45 mins, and is essential viewing for every Leyland enthusiast. It starts with a brief look at the previous year's rain soaked event, at Leyland, which also celebrated 100 years of the famous bus company, Fishwicks. A year later, the weather was much kinder as this Tailgate Production shows. This event was to celebrate The Leyland Society's 10th Anniversary as well as the Centenary year of the Leyland X2, the oldest bus in preservation. The viewer is given a comprehensive view of not only a detailed look at the vehicles attending the event but a tour round this marvellous museum area. We get a good look at the unique collection of Mike Sutcliffe's very old buses which includes the 1908 X2. As one of our members said after he had viewed the DVD, well worth waiting for. The DVD is available from: Tailgate Productions Ltd. , 40, Ullswater Road, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 4JE Tel. 01260 271791. They may also be obtained from The Leyland Society via David Bishop.

Price is £16.95


Order No. S028 (a) (b) (c) (d) (e)

The Society has just produced these 5 attractive and durable double sided Bookmarks. They depict some of the vehicles that attended our 10th year Gathering at the Crich Tramway Museum in July 2008. Each bookmark has 8 colour pictures of vehicles at the Gathering
Click the image to see the 5 Bookmarks

(a) - Historic Leylands No. 1
(b) - Historic Leylands No. 2
(c) - Historic Leylands No. 3
(d) - Historic Leylands No. 4
(e) - Historic Leylands No. 5

Price: £1.50 each

Leyland Society Clothing

The following items of Society clothing are of the best quality we can find at affordable prices.

Each garment has the Society logo embroidered on to it and is only available through us.

Orders taken will usually take 10 working days to produce, prices quoted include post and packing direct from the manufacturers.

  Order No. S031

Polo Shirts - short sleeved,
available in Burgundy, Royal Blue, Sky Blue or Black in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL

Price: £20.00

  Order No. S032

Placket Sweatshirts - (with collar)
Available in Black and Navy in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL

Price: £28.00

  Order No. S033

Gilet (Body warmer) - Navy Blue

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Price: £37.00

  Order No. S034

Baseball Caps - navy only.

Price: £12.50

Leyland Society Binders
  Leyland Torque Binders

Binders, which hold eight copies

Price: £8.00

  Leyland Journal Binders

Binders, which hold eight copies

Price: £9.00 - but supplies are limited at the moment

Payment by cheque or P.O. payable to "The Leyland Society" should be sent to:

The Leyland Society Ltd
2 Severn View
GL14 2XE


Please direct email enquires regarding items for sale to:

Postage & Packaging

Mainland UK - Prices includes postage & packaging

Overseas - At cost. Please email for a postage & packaging cost

Please also note that items which are not in stock at the time of ordering may require 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Payment is now being accepted for all orders via Paypal to


  The Leyland Society Ltd. is a Registered Charity No. 1137856. Registered in England No.4653772.