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Leyland Society Gatherings

The Leyland Society Gathering 9th July 2017

The 2017 Leyland Society Gathering will be held at the Old Warden Aerodrome site of the Shuttleworth Trust near Biggleswade, Bedfordshire on Sunday 9th July 2017.  The site is both an operational airfield and also the home of the well-known Shuttleworth Collection of vintage aircraft, many of which are maintained in flying condition.  In addition to aircraft on display, visitors can tour the comprehensive workshops where aircraft from the collection are undergoing restoration or maintenance.  Alongside the airfield is an extensive Swiss Garden which is an outstanding example of the Regency style of landscape gardens.

We hope this new venue, in a more southerly location will permit vehicle owners and enthusiasts who have not been able to attend previous events at  Leyland the opportunity to join our annual Gathering.  The site has a large area of hard standing opposite the main hangers for the vehicle display and there is a cafĂ© where refreshments can be purchased.  Please note that normal entry charges will apply on the day and will cover the vehicle display, aircraft collection or Swiss Gardens.  Two free entry tickets will be provided for each vehicle entry but additional tickets can be purchased on arrival. 

You do not have to be a member of the Society to enter a vehicle for our display we welcome all Leylands so if you have a truck or bus we would be pleased to see you at our event in July.  The entry form can be downloaded here and please return it with 2 SAEs to Gary Dwyer at the address at the top of the form.  Overnight parking for entrants will be available on Saturday and Sunday if required but this must be specified in advance on the vehicle entry form.

Following vehicles are booked to attend the gathering:

L1 B 8584 1919 Model G (RAF) Type
L2 TJ 3664 1933 Beaver TC7
L3 NV 6425 1933 Cub
L4 ARD 157 1938 Cub
L5 JAS 737 1944 Hippo
L6 LTN 265 1947 Octopus 22.O/1
L7 NXW 282 1952 Comet ECO2/4R
L8 STB 662 1953 Comet 90 ECO2/1R
L9 438 GMC 1955 Octopus 22/O/1
L10 692 BXM 1962 Beaver
L11 YCT 91 1964 Badger 14LWB/1AR
L12 496 GXC 1965 Octopus 22/O/1
L13 FYA 183C 1968 Super Comet
L14 BVG 51E 1968 Super Comet
L15 LEY 1968 1968 Gas Turbine
L16 OCK 981X 1981 Cheftain
L17 D740 DFL 1987 Roadtrain Interstate 20-32
L18 E340 CTV 1988 Roadtrain 17-29
L19 J710 UNH 1991 Drops MMLC
L20 K4 CSG 1993 FT 80.300s
Passenger Vehicles
P1 C 2367 1921 G Type
P2 HC 8643 1928 Lion LSC3
P3 YG 7831 1934 Tiger TS6
P4 LEV 917 1946 Titan PD1/1
P5 CFN 104 1947 Tiger PS1/1
P6 MHY 756 1948 Comet ECPO/1R
P7 GWU 12 1948 Titan PD2/1
P8 EAV 458 1948 Tiger PS1/1
P9 HWY 36 1949 Titan PD2/1
P10 POU 494 1946 Titan PD2/24 SPL
P11 EUU 117J 1971 Reliance 6U3ZR
P12 UUF 335J 1971 Leopard PSU3B/4R
P13 EKL 456K 1972 Leopard PSU4B/4R
P14 HTA 844N 1975 National 1151/2R
P15 E50 TYG 1988 Royal Tiger

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