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The Leyland Society Gathering Sunday 8th July 2018 at Crich Tramway Village

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the formation of the Leyland Society and we want to make this year’s event a special one.  Normally we alternate our Gathering between Leyland and other locations but the BCVM is currently undergoing a major refurbishment so unfortunately the venue will not be available to us in 2018.  We have therefore decided to hold the 2018 Gathering at the Crich Tramway Museum, near Matlock, Derbyshire. DE4 5DP. 

The site is a major national attraction for transport enthusiasts and we are honoured that the Museum has kindly agreed to host our event again.  There is an extensive tramway network where visitors can ride on the trams through a period setting, which includes buildings as well as cobbled streets.  The Tramway Museum also has a workshop area where exhibits can be seen in the course of their restoration.  Food and refreshments are available at the museum, including a pub if you are feeling thirsty!

          Our event will be held on Sunday 8th July an entry form is available to download here.  Most vehicles will travel there on the day but for those travelling longer distances, the Tramway Museum has kindly agreed to allow exhibitors to park their vehicles overnight on Saturday and Sunday nights.  Note that all vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk and no security will be provided by the Society or the Tramway Museum.  Please complete the relevant section on your entry form so we can inform the Museum of the number of vehicles expected to stay overnight.  The Tramway Museum has kindly agreed to provide the driver of each vehicle entered to the event with free entry to the Museum, valid only on the day of our event.  If you would return your form as soon as possible it would be appreciated so we have an idea of the number of vehicles to expect.  Please include up to date contact details on your entry form so that we are able to contact you in the event of any last-minute changes.  If you have an e-mail address, please include that on your entry form.  We guarantee that e-mail addresses provided will only be used in relation to the Gathering and not for any other purpose.

          As 2018 is also the 50th Anniversary of the formation of British Leyland we have decided to widen the scope of the event by allowing entries from all commercial vehicles manufacturers that became part of the group, eg AEC, Albion, BMC, Guy, Scammell.  Please bring your vehicle and join our celebrations!

See photo of this years event

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