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Leyland Torque 2019

Details of the issues of Leyland Torque which were published in 2019.

Leyland Torque 83 - Spring 2019


Cover Picture - AFU 844 (Lincolnshire LT.567)
21st Society Gathering - Sunday 7th July.
The 'New' BCVM

What Leyland's Doing

The Leyland L60 - Part 4 - L60 Miscellany by Bill Pitcher

Centerfold - Young lads and employees stand in admiration of the Governor's new wagon

Odd bodies - Feature edited by Gordon Brooke.


Tye's, Mendlesham, Leyland Lion LT2, WE 8115

Smith, Wigan, Leyland Tiger TS4, AG 8280

Bevan Bros (Soudley Valley), Leyland Tiger TS1, VA 8792

Grey Coaches (Banfield), Leyland Tiger TS7, DUF 176

United Services Transport, Leyland Lion LSC1, YP 7117 or 7118

Lowland, Leyland Tiger TS2, GE 6001

J Docherty, Auchterarder, Leyland Tiger TS7, ATE 808

Chard & District, Leyland Tiger TS2, CK 4339

CIE TP42, Leyland Tiger TS7, ZA 7183

Greenock Motor Services, Daimler CVA6, VS 4364

For All Time by Michael Plunkett

Leylannd's American Van by Chris Green

The First under-floor engined Leyland in Groningen (NL) by Jan Emmelkamp

Another face of Leyland, No.13 - By Michael Plunkett.

A long-time ex-employee of Leyland by Rodney Wright

Letters to the Editor - LM Leyland Railcar, Meccano Leyland Super Beaver, Unusual Leyland Scroll Badge
The rear cover - HD 3539 (Leyland Lioness) & RN 8850 (Leyland FT4A)
Tailpiece - Bolton Maroon & Red livery

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