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Leyland Torque 2024

Details of the issues of Leyland Torque which were published in 2023.

Leyland Torque 104 - Spring 2024


Cover Picture - Federated Foundries Ltd, Glasgow - EMS 120

Leyland Society Gathering 2024

Leyland Festival 2024

More shop wagons

Food for Thought

What Leyland's Doing

New Lives - 12 by Mike Fenton

What Went Wrong? by Fred Boulton

Leyland's stylish Glasgow depot

Centerfold - London County Council's Kensington Fire Station

Odd bodies


Belfast Corporation T.R.69 - Leyland Titan TD4C - was EZ 3711

Missin's, Leverington - Leyland Cheetah LZ2A - GZ 734

P Tennant, Forth - Leyland Tiger TS3 - KF 4275

Thompson (Advance) Swinefleet - Leyland Cub KP3 - WX 8356

A & M Forset, Dinnington - Leyland Tiger TS7 - AWN 766

G H Austin & Sons (Happy Days), Woodseaves - Leyland Tiger TS4 - AG 8274
Operator Unknown - Leyland Tiger PS1 - GAB 593

West Bromwich Corporation - Daimler CWA6 - BEA 735

A & M Foster, Dinnington - Leyland Tiger TS8 - ETB 366

Higson (Crown Tours), Frome - Leyland Tiger TS4 - MV 2383

Leyland Trolleybus Production by Peter Faulkner

The Low-Floor TB10 and London's Twin Steer

Dublin Olympian in California

Letters to the editor

A Titan on the Isle of Bute
The rear cover - Leyland Titan (383 FTJ) & Leyland Tiger Cub (ETJ 123F)

Tailpiece - A Beaver, not a Badger

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