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Picture Gallery 2008 - 2009

Any members who have Leyland related digital photographs which they think might be of interest to other society members are welcome to send them in, together with suitable descriptive text, to the Society Webmaster.

Some historical Leyland pictures

One of our Society Members, Keith Bradley, has sent us these interesting photographs, which he took when he was delivering Leylands to the docks for export.

Pictures and information kindly provided by Mr. Keith Bradley



3 double deck Alexandra bodied l/h drive buses delivered to Canada Dock, Liverpool, destined for Equador, the ship "Santa Barbara" Pacific PSNC.
No letter of credit arrangements with this country. Three attempts were made to ship these buses due to the failure of payment.


Leyland Atlantean l/h drive buses with Willowbrook bodies destined for Baghdad.
201 of these buses were shipped out of North Shields, Immingham and Southampton during the late 70's
  A bespoke Leyland Cabriolet built for the launch of the T45 range at the new LAP factory.

12 Leyland Clydesdales built at Bathgate on delivery to Southampton - Bob Geldorf "Feed the World" campaign. There were 36 vehicles in total.


Some historical Leyland pictures (2)

There are some more interesting old photographs from Keith Bradley here.



A Leyland Landmaster awaiting shipment at dock 41 Southampton. Note the QU2 at Pier 40 in the background.   The last of the Leyland Hippos built at Leyland, destined for Nigeria. 300 were delivered. 100 six-wheel Hippos with Dyson four-wheel drag trailers were delivered to Kartoom on the Nile.
Three of six Leyland Landtrains complete with Universal Tanker Trailers of Burscough. These special acid tankers were destined for Nigeria, and are seen here at Huskisson Dock, Liverpool.   Three Leyland Roadrunners with Longton bodies for demonstration purposes. Seen here at the opening of the new LAP plant.
  A Leyland Landtrain complete with "palm tree" planting equipment destined for Saudi Arabia. The tree planting equipment was by a firm in Blandford Forum, Dorset.  

Pictures from Gaydon, 8th June 2008

A couple of great pictures from the Gaydon show, sent in by Gary Dwyer.




Gary Dwyer sent us these pictures of a unique 1968 Leyland lorry, taken at the recent Gaydon show, powered by a Leyland Gas Turbine engine.

It is one of the lorry entrants that will be at the Leyland Annual Gathering at The Crich Tramway Museum on Sunday July 13th.

1931 Leyland Lioness Fire Engine "Bristol"

David Berry sent in these three great pictures of his fire engine, taken on a recent trip back to its home city of Bristol.









Corgi model

Graham Manchester sent us this picture of a Corgi produced Leyland Octopus model of one of the firms tankers.
The Alfred Manchester Transport Co. was founded in 1890 using steam wagons.





1925 Leyland Fire Engine

Knut Larsen has just sent us this picture of an early Leyland Fire Engine.

Knut Larsen, from Norway has just sent us this picture of an early Leyland Fire Engine. Information about this Fire Engine is a bit sketchy, but as far as we know it was built in 1925, and was with the Kristiansund Fire Brigade from 1925 until the present day. If anyone can give Knut any more information about this Engine or this type of Engine, please get in touch with him. His email is



Euro Bus Expo 2008 Show at the NEC

These photographs were taken at the recent Euro Bus Expo 2008 Show at the NEC. Featured on The Leyland Stand were 4 restored early 20th century buses, from the collection of Mike Sutcliffe MBE. They are the 1908 X type, the 1913, Barnsley Leyland S3.30.T, the 1914 L&NWR Leyland S4.36.T3, and the 1923, White Rose, Leyland SG7.







Spurrier Works in the Early Sixties.

A series of interesting old photographs of the Spurrier Works in the early sixties.

Stephen McManmon, one of our members now in Canada who used to work at Leyland Motors, sent us these photos of engine production at No. 8 Shop. These are the first three of a series. We'll be putting more up next month.



This shows engine block production.


Fitting cylinder head studs on engine assembly line.


General view of camshaft line.   Leyland engine assembly, No 8 shop, Spurrier Works.
Heat Treatment Plant in No. 8 Shop, Spurrier Works   A Leyland Engine on the Dyno in the Engine Test Dept. at Spurrier Works.

This is a copy of a letter from Henry Spurrier to Steve McManmon's father, in 1949, who was Senior Planning Engineer at Farington. The letter accompanied a book, "The First Fifty Years", which Mr Spurrier sent to Steve's Father.   Cylinder Liners, No. 8 Shop, Spurrier Works.
A general view of No. 8 Shop, Spurrier Works.   Flywheel Housing machining in No. 8 shop, Spurrier Works.

Machining Manifolds, No. 8 Shop, Spurrier Works.


Visitors From Holland. March 5th. 2009

An East Lancs bodied PD2/40, presently owned by Warrington Borough Transport.
Pictured in front of the bus is Fred Zielman who was visiting here from Holland with 2 colleagues. Another of Fred's colleagues, Hans Van Den Bor, owns a PD2/40 from the same batch. Ron Phillips, our Society Chairman, who is on the right of the group, was able to assist them by tracing some information they required from the BCVM Archives. On the left of the picture is Phil Pearson of WBT.



Spurrier Works in the Early Sixties. (II)

This is the second series of pictures sent in by Stephen McManmon, one of our members now in Canada who used to work at Leyland Motors, of engine production at No. 8 Shop. We'll be putting more up at regular intervals.



Engine assembly, No. 8 shop, Spurrier Works.


Fitting the crankshaft on the Engine Assembly line.

General view, Engine Cylinder Block Machining, No. 8 Shop, Spurrier Works.   Honing the cylinder blocks, No. 8 Shop, Spurrier Works.
Engine assembly line, No. 8 Shop, Spurrier Works   Fitting the crankshaft on the Engine Assembly line.
Engine Assembly Line, No. 8 Shop, Spurrier Works.   Fitting the pistons to the connecting rods, Sub Assembly line.

"Leyland" buses

A couple of unusual "Leyland" buses

Felix Ehring, from Frankfurt , Germany sent us this photo of these unusual " Leyland " Buses, which he saw while on a recent visit to Fiji. They are in fact Leyland badged Albion Viking VK 55's.




2009 Cheshire Run

One of our Member's took these pictures of some of the Leylands that took part in this years Cheshire Run, which took place on Sunday, April 26th 2009.



1949 Leyland Octopus KYF 317 in BRS livery.


A fine looking locally owned LAD cabbed tractor unit.





1957 Leyland Comet PUJ 703 owned by Mr. B. S. Leek of Telford.


A Marathon Tractor unit.







Another fine looking Tractor unit.


Leyland lorries.

One of our members recently visited The BCVM in Leyland and took this photo of a couple of Leylands amongst the many Commercial vehicles on view.



Leyland Leopard

Paul Campbell, of Wallsend, NSW, Australia, sent us this picture of his Leyland Leopard. Paul wanted the construction details of this vehicle, and we were able to get a copy of the Build Sheet for him.




Pictures from 'Down-under'

Pictures sent in by Andrew Blacklock from the 2nd Hunter Valley Vintage Truck Muster.



A line up of British trucks Scammell Routeman, Leyland Riever, AEC Monarch and Albion Chieftain. All ex Smith's Transport from Abermain NSW Australia at the 2nd Hunter Valley Vintage Truck Muster on May 16 & 17th 2009 at Richmond Vale Railway Museum. Near Kurri Kurri, NSW Australia


Another photo from the 2nd Hunter Valley Vintage Truck Muster on May 16 & 17th at Richmond Vale Railway Museum.

A joint Hunter Valley Classic Commercial Vehicle Club & Richmond Vale Railway Museum event.

2009 Kelsall, Cheshire, Steam Rally

Two Leylands that were at this years Steam Rally.



Brian Leek's 1957 Leyland Comet.


John & Nick Harwoods 1959 Beaver, which is an ex MOD Tractor from Stroud, Gloucs.

2009 Shrewsbury Steam Rally, held at Onslow Park

Some pictures from the 2009 Shrewsbury Steam Rally, held at Onslow Park on August Bank Holiday.


Mr. R. Ransome's 1934 Beaver. This was a Leyland Motors Prototype, before passing to Walker's Warrington Ales.


Three 1950's lorries, Pyatt's BRS Octopus, D. Henton's Comet 90, and D. Bishop's Steer.





Two more Comets from the '50's, belonging to K. Grimley and Brian Leek.


Leyland Octopus 8 wheeler.

A photograph of a real Leyland Octopus this time....

Graham Manchester has just sent us this photo of one 2 Leyland Octopus's that belonged to the family firm, Alfred Manchester Transport Co.

This picture was taken near Charlton Football Club, SE 7.

He says ". . as a member of the family business we were very proud that Corgi decided to use the Leyland Octopus as the choice for this model. The Alfred Manchester family goes back a long way with road transport starting in 1890 with steam trucks and remained loyal to the Leyland brand, even managing a large write up in both the RHA and truck magazine for the road trains of which we had a considerable number."

Note: there's a photo of a Corgi model of an Octopus tanker in this section of our Website, which Graham sent in a while ago, though the keen-eyed may spot several differences between these two pictures...


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