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Society Publications

For 20 years The Leyland Society published the quarterly Leyland Torque and annual Leyland Journal, both of which carry forward the names of Leyland Motors publications distributed to customers and back issues of most are available to buy through the Leyland Society online shop.

From Autumn 2018 we have increased the size of Leyland Torque from A5 to A4 to allow us to include many of the highly detailed and lavishly illustrated items previously included in the Leyland Journal which this new format replaces. Typically the new format Leyland Torque includes 40 pages (the previous A5 layout fits into 24 of the larger A4 pages) and provides much more flexibility to include all the regular features members expect with a greater assortment of more detailed articles some of which are in colour where appropriate.

Leyland Torque continues to be a high quality publication, printed on glossy paper and with digitally restored photographs from the extensive BCVM Archive as well as from other sources such as members' own collections. All members receive Leyland Torque as part of their membership. Back issues are available to non-members to purchase : see details on the order form.

The Leyland Society also publishes books on the subject of Leyland, again available to the general public. More details of publications are given below, or you can use the links below to go directly to the relevant page.


Leyland Torque

Archive copies of Leyland Journal

Leyland Fleet Series


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Leyland Torque - the quarterly newsletter of the Leyland Society

All members receive 'Leyland Torque' quarterly, which contains approximately 40 glossy A4 pages, ensuring a high quality of production. It is well illustrated with photos from the BCVM Archive and members own collections, and in terms of quality is amongst the best newsletters for any one-marquee society. Regular Torque features include:

l   Food for thought - a forum for people to raise and answer technical queries
l   Letters - items of interest from members and general public.
l   Articles - members and others are free to submit any appropriate articles that may be of interest and educate the reader following research into any particular subject.
l   Odd bodies - mysteries and responses on strangely bodied Leylands.

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Leyland Journal

The Leyland Journal was published annually from 1999 to 2018 in A4 format. Archive copies are available for sale to the public and contain highly detailed articles covering subject matter that ranges across all aspects of Leyland Motors production - buses, lorries, fire engines and even the small number of cars produced at the Kingston works, with articles about production, technical aspects and about operators of Leyland products and their Leyland fleets.

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Leyland Fleet Series

The Leyland Fleet Series of books, available to the general public are a high quality publications focusing not just on the vehicles but on the companies and organisations that operated them. The intention is to present the reader with new facts and photographs, and to try to show some of the influences that shaped the products of Leyland Motors.

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