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Leyland Society Gathering - 2009

This years event, which was part of The Leyland Transport Festival held over the weekend of 11th/12th July, was once again, a great success, with even the forecast of two days of rain only appearing on the Saturday night.

The festivities started at midday on the Saturday with a grand parade of vehicles through the town. Quite a number of Leyland Society Entrants managed to get to the Farington Business Park in time for this procession, so once again, the people of Leyland were able to hear and see Leyland Vehicles rumbling through the streets. When the procession reached the town centre close to the BCVM, all the vehicles were parked in the nearby streets allowing the many spectators who were there, to wander amongst them and chat to the owners.

The next day, the day of our Society Gathering, dawned cloudy, but with the rain having finished, it was just a wee bit damp underfoot with one or two large puddles. Entrants started to arrive soon after breakfast, to join those already there from the overnight stay at The Farington Business Park, the site of this years rally. Despite the present economic downturn, there was a very good turnout of vehicles, with more lorries than previous years, and a good bus/lorry mix, 25 lorries and 37 buses.

These included 2 entrants who had ventured across the North Sea from Holland, Mr. P. Van Der Hoek with his 1977 Sherpa, and Mr. Hans Van den Bor's ex Warrington PD 2. Several buses were entered by the Wirral Transport Museum, ex Birkenhead & Wallasey Corporation's, as well as a fine line up of buses of the Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust. As well as some "Regulars" like the Pyatts 2 Octopuses and Hippo, John Kerr's 1932 Leyland Bull, and Paul Wotton's 1946 Beaver 121B and others, there were some that we had not seen before, such as the "Popemobil" which is one of the vehicles on display in the BCVM. Also, the Beaver and Lynx belonging to Mr. T. Longthorne.

We would like to thank everyone who made this years Gathering the success that it was. First of all, the entrants, without whom there would be no rally. Also, the BCVM, The South Ribble Borough Council, Ainscough's the owners of the Gathering site, The Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust, J. Fishwick & Sons, and all the individuals who put in so much work before and during the weekend of the festival. Finally, we would like to thank Fishwicks for providing us with a Lynx bus to use as an office, and the BCVM for their help and the loan of some tables.

There are some pictures which were taken at the event.

The Hippo and two Octopus's belong to The Pyatt brothers, and the 1953 Comet 90 was entered by D. Wrigglesworth.   This group of 4 lorries dates from John Kerr's 1932 Bull, Paul Wottons 1946 Beaver, David Bishop's 1954 Steer, and Mr B. Cowgill's 1973 Landmaster.
The Pyatt Brothers 1935 Hippo. New to H & R Ainscough of Burscough, Lancs. The cab was rebuilt following an accident during it's 30 year working life. Recently restored.   A fine looking line up from Birkenhead and Wallasy entered by John Nolan of The 201 Bus Group, the PD2 nearest to the camera, and the rest by The Wirral Transport Museum and The 201 Bus Group.
An Atlantean 2 Beavers and a Tiger Cub.   This picture shows the superb condition of these 2 Lorries.
Two from the 1930's. Mr T. Longthorne' s 1939 Lynx, JTT 279, and his 1933 Beaver, JX 1238.   These are just some of the Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust buses that were lined up.
The one on the right is a 1957 Tiger Cub which was entered by Mr. B. Rogers.   The Leyland made Popemobile belonging to The British Commercial Vehicle Museum, Leyland.
1956 Leyland Comet tipper, PFH 380 entered by Mr. B. Thomas.   1980 Leyland National 2 DBV 831W belonging to the Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust.
1956 Leyland Comet tipper, PFH 380 entered by Mr. B. Thomas.
  Another one of Pyatts 6 wheeler.
A 1930's Leyland Fire Engine.   Another picture of the Ribble Double Decker, RN 8622.
1968 Leyland Super Comet, VWE 182F entered by Mr. S. Fletcher.   1954 Leyland Steer KBO 622, belonging to Mr. D. Bishop.
1933 Leyland Beaver, JX 1238, entered by Mr. T. Longthorne.   1939 Leyland Lynx JTT 279 also belonging to Mr. T. Longthorne.
1962 Leyland Octopus 24.0/4 648 DXL belonging to Mr. T. Wilson.   1950 Leyland Beaver 12B.1 belonging to Mr. J. Robinson.
1957 Leyland Olympic521 CTF belonging to Mr. M. Hayes.   A fine looking Leyland Coach.
1958 Leyland Titan PD2/30 owned by Mr. Heaton.
  1935 Leyland Hippo TSW8T, owned by the Pyatt brothers.
1951 Leyland Titan PD2/1 AHF 850, belonging to The Wirral Transport Museum.   1953 Leyland Comet 90 STB 662 belonging to Mr. D. Wrigglesworth.
The Leyland Steer again.

We would like to thank Mrs Sarah McAuley for these photographs. Sarah's father, Mr. John McManmon worked for Leyland Motors from the 1920's until his retirement in 1971.


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