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Leyland Society Gathering - 2007

This years event, like many other outdoor events, was adversely affected by bad weather, and during the late morning of July 8th, the heavens opened and we had more than an hour of torrential rain. Fortunately the car park behind Lancaster House, which was where this years event was held, is on a very slight slope which enabled the water to drain away fairly quickly. However, despite the weather, this years event was a success although there were slightly fewer lorries than the previous year. Once again the Pyatt Brothers entries were much admired, particularly their latest restoration of a 1962 Octopus Esso Tanker. Another very neat vehicle, an Octopus that started life as an Esso Tanker, was Mr. T. Wilson's lorry, which has been restored to represent a Reader Bros of Hull wagon. Opposite the lorries were the buses, which once again were a good turnout. Amongst these vehicles were the Wallasey bus which bought its own stall and provided much appreciated shelter, and Ray Steeles ex-Stockport PD2 whose engine ticked over for most of the show, delighting those who appreciated the sound of a 600 engine.

As well as our own event there were two others taking place at the same time. Fishwicks were celebrating their Centenary and there was another Gathering at the town's BCVM. A shuttle bus service between these events and our own was provided, which enabled the many visitors to enjoy all three events. Mike Sutcliffe's 1913 Barnsley Bus was also very much in evidence both at our own event, and running to and fro to the Museum.

The Leyland Society is very grateful to all the people who helped and supported this years event, which in spite of the vast amounts of rain that descended on us, was a success. Particular thanks go to Enterprise PLC and Elaine Markland who allowed us to use the car park behind Lancaster House. Also to Messrs Fishwicks who provided a Bus for our "Office". The Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust who provided a service to and from the Museum. Alan Pritchard and others who helped with marshalling. Paul Sennant who once again helped with various tasks and bought 4 trucks from the factory. Finally Leyland Trucks, whose generous sponsorship provided the funds for the event to take place. To you all, very many thanks.

Some photos of the event.

Mike Sutcliffe's 1913 Barnsley Bus, Leyland S3.30.T in front of the Society's Stall.   1957 Tiger Cub. Burlingham Seagull 41 seat coach. Restored by Mr. B Rogers.
An immaculate pre war dropside Beaver.ogate Touring Society.   Bill Ashcroft chats to Mr. Frank Redfern, The Mayor of South Ribble's Consort, as they pass by Gary Dwyer's Rolls Royce engined Roadtrain.
Some of the Buses and Lorries on a rain soaked park.   A 1987 Royal Tiger Doyen, new to Abbots of Leeming, now owned by the Harrogate Touring Society.

A great line-up of lorries.


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