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Leyland Society Gathering - 2006

This years Gathering, as in previous years, was held at Leyland on July 9th. The theme for this event was a celebration of 50 years of the Atlantean Double Decker.

With things well under way by mid morning, a glance around the area gave all the indications that the Gathering would be the success that we all hoped for, this, despite the rather unwelcome rain showers.

The area where the buses were parked resembled a busy city terminus such were the numbers of double deckers lined up, Atlanteans very much in evidence.

Sadly, Dave Moores was unable to bring his 1937 Tiger TS7, an ex Crosville single decker, due to engine and distance problems.

As usual, a great variety of lorries were there, including some that had not been to previous events. One that caught my eye was the 1935 Cub SKZ, owned by Derek Lowther.

The Pyatt Brothers can always be relied upon to bring an interesting exhibit or two along, and this year they bought their 1954 BRS Octopus, and the 1935 Hippo.

As in previous years, there was once again a good mix and variety of vehicles attending so there was plenty to interest, both the enthusiast and the general public.

The show could not take place without our team of volunteer Marshallers who did an excellent job. Thanks are also due to the Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust who provided a service to and from the Museum and also an "office" for us, "The Leyland Society."

All in all, a great Gathering. If you missed it this year we hope to see you at future events.

Some photos of the event.

A fine line-up of lorries.   A 1966 Ergomatic 'Beaver' at the 2006 Gathering.
A 1985 T45 Cruiser at the 2006 Gathering.   New long wheelbase DAF 65 series, part of the Leyland Trucks display at the 2006 Gathering.
Mr. Derek Lowther's 1935 Cub SKZ.   A good turnout of Atlanteans, which was the theme of this year's event.
An Octopus and a Bristol in BRS livery frequently seen at rallies in the North West.   The Pyatt's 1953 Octopus and 1935 Hippo. Both these vehicles were restored by the brothers, the Hippo making its first appearance last year.
Wallasey Corporation Atlantean. This 1958 PDR2/1 worked for 19 years and is now in the care of the 201 Bus Group of Wallasey.   Another fine-looking Octopus belonging to Mr. A.G. Wilson of Beverley.
Mr. Derek Lowther's 1935 Cub SKZ.   A close-up of this well-turned-out 1946 Beaver of Lynch Truck Services, Altham, Lancs.

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