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Picture Gallery 2016

Any members who have Leyland related digital photographs which they think might be of interest to other society members are welcome to send them in, together with suitable descriptive text, to the Society Webmaster.

Gaydon 2016



The Knowles Transport 1969 Gas Turbine was “fired up” specially for the event. A very impressive beast.


The Pyatt brothers were out in force and this brace of  Marston’s liveried Octopi displayed well in the very wet conditions.



Yet more Octopi from the Pyatt’s of Cheadle, the BRS alongside the Esso tanker completed the line-up.


The 1987 Roadtrain with it immaculate black paintwork proved to be a very popular exhibit.



This Hippo must be one of the most original vehicles on the rally scene and was in better condition than some significantly newer vehicles.


Another Comet with a well roped canvass tilt.



A Comet cattle truck, nicely worked timber body.


Yet another brace of Octopi ( it must have been the wet weather that brought them out) the H E Payne example with the 2 axle Crane drag was particularly impressive



Yet another Comet this time a tipper with 2 speed back axle and helper springs ( like a fire engine)


The redundant helper springs on the unladen Comet Tipper



The 2 speed actuator on the Eaton Differential as fitted to many Comet’s


A very nicely presented Beaver

Pictured at the Octagon during the Otago Heritage Bus Society’s Easter Suburban Rambler Service 2016 (C) Philip Murphy



Worldmaster formerly Dunedin City Transport NZ no DCT 136

London - Brighton 2016



The journey to Brighton almost at an end and the weather is warming up nicely for a delightful day at the seaside.


Glorious blue skies at Brighton contrasting with the silhouettes of the Metz ladders of the 2 Turntable Ladders, the ex-London TLM and the ex-Gloucester TLM2A. Note the varnished timber and the communications cable drum on the TLM2A.


DHY 496 the ex-Bristol FT3A Pump in good company. Try viewing the video taken en-route to Brighton taken from this vehicle while following the TL’s through the countryside of Surrey and Sussex. Looks like an advert for Cov-Rads!

The CSA Open Day 2015 - The old Test Track Facility off Comet Road, Leyland



Immaculate example of a 1963 Leyland Beaver in "factory condition". Part of the William Hunter Collection.


Another view of the fine Leyland Beaver accompanied by David Prescotts fantastic Ribble Leyland Leopard. In the background is the Fishwicks Lelyand PD2.



Impressive looking example of a 1953 Leyland Octopus, sadly the tanks were empty. Part of the William Hunter collection


Two of Leylands finest products. Courtesy of the Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust.



Leyland's from the 1930's through to the 1960's. Left to right  1939 TD5 fitted with 1949 Alexander body, 1936 Cheetah with Brush body, 1953 Octupus,


Opposite ends of the spectrum, 1953 Leyland Octopus and a Leyland Comet (remember the Dinky model)

(C) Bill Pitcher


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