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Picture Gallery Prior to 2008

Any members who have Leyland related digital photographs which they think might be of interest to other society members are welcome to send them in, together with suitable descriptive text, to the Society Webmaster.

Royal Tiger Worldmaster

Jacky Bar-Lev has written in from Israel with pictures of a Royal Tiger Worldmaster, which was built in November 1973.




Jacky Bar-Lev writes:

My name is Jacky and I work for Egged in Israel, A company that had more then 2000 Leyland Buses and coaches from the 40's to the late 70's.

The company also has a Bus and Coach museum which holds a fine collection of restored buses including many Leylands, most of them are in running condition or close to it.

I attach pictures of a Royal Tiger Worldmaster, which was built in 11.73. My father got it brand new. It was last registered in 8.91, by that time it was used as mobile storage by the museum's manager. A few weeks ago it was towed to the museum where I discovered it.
Other volunteers and me connected batteries and few seconds later the engine started! Few more minutes, air pressure was built, a chair was fitted and the bus ran!!!! There was a lot of excitement on that day!

I hope you'll like the pictures, taken by Mr. Andy Radulescu and Mr. Dror Regev

Latest in: (17th December 2005) Jacky has emailed to say that there are three film clips available to download, showing the above in action. For those without broadband connection: beware, two of the film clips are quite large. Anyway, they can be found here: (9,254,000 bytes) (2,161,022 bytes) - which I think is the best of the three. (18,172,286 bytes!)

Anyway, it shows that it is not just a static display!

1925 F6 Leyland steam lorry under restoration

Adam Auditori has written in from Echuca, Victoria, Australia about his restoration project of a 1925 F6 Leyland steam lorry.




Adam says that he had started looking for a steam wagon 12 years ago at the age of 16.

2 years ago he purchased a chassis and wheels which was then being used as a farm trailer. He restored the chassis and built the cab, then the opportunity to purchase a boiler and engine came along. The chassis came from central Victoria, the boiler from Tasmania and the engine from New South Wales mid coast, the makers plates and some boiler fittings from the UK.

The boiler is now back in steam at 200 p.s.i. One of the engines cylinders was cracked and has now been sleeved, all moving parts have been replaced or over-hauled.

The photos were taken at Echuca steam horse and vintage rally. He has no knowledge of this Leyland's history prior to use as a farm trailer.

He says he will be road trialling her before the end of this year, and we wish him well with the project.

1935 Leyland Hippo restoration

An recent restoration project of a 1935 Leyland Hippo.



Photo by kind permission of David Craggs, Heritage Commercials.

This fine old six wheeler, which was bought for one pound in the 1960's, was restored by the Pyatt brothers, and completed earlier this year. The restoration took about five years, with finding tyres and making wheels being some of the problems the brothers had to overcome. The lorry made its first outing to Gaydon and was driven to Chelford and Onslow Park shows, and of course was one of the attractions at the Society's gathering last July.

Crosville M52, CFM 354 restoration project

Harold Peers sent in details of his restoration project of this Crosville Leyland Titan.




This bus, a Leyland Titan TD5 with teak-framed 52 seat lowbridge body by Eastern Coach Works, was delivered to Crosville Motor Services, Chester, in February 1938, and entered service at West Kirby depot on the Wirral Peninsular. After spending most of the 1940's at Chester Depot, it returned to the Wirral for the last years of its service with the firm. It was sold in March 1958 to Contract Bus Services, a company specialising in the provision of buses for construction site use. It was employed on contracts for the Llanwern Steelworks until September 1962, after which it was sold to a Cardiff dealer for scrap.

During the 1960's, the bus was progressively dismantled and cannibalised, but gained a reprieve when it was acquired by myself in January 1972 for preservation. Since then considerable mechanical and body restoration has taken place, a project that is now entering it's final stages.

Until May 1946 the bus carried the LMS inherited crimson lake and cream livery, but then received the standard Tilling green and cream livery which the Company had begun to adopt. Substantial body rebuilding by Crosville took place in 1947/8, including the fitment of large Tilling indicators at the front for a period in the mid 1950's. The bus ran in service in an experimental all green livery, the only vehicle believed to have been treated in this way. (see photo)

The restoration has attempted to incorporate all body features, including indicators, which it carried when new. It also displays the original livery, fleet name and number styles of 1938.

Leyland Cub Restoration project

A Leyland Cub from the Emerton Collection.




Leyland Cub KPZ2/1, chassis number 5903, registered HL7538 in 1936 for the West Riding Automobile Co (464), has a Charles H Roe bus body originally with 20 seats and served in the Wakefield area till 1949. It was then obtained by E Pritchard of Newborough in Anglesey with 24 seats, for use on workers services to the Gwynedd slate quarries, local school services and Pritchard's daily stage service from Newborough to Llangefni. It served with it's octogenarian owner/driver until 1967 and then stood for two years in Newborough. It joined the Hollis collection at Queensferry till 1979 and moved to West Bromwich and Bridgnorth until 1997, before joining the Emerton family's Bounty country bus collection in Cheshire. There followed a substantial but sensitive restoration to its 20 year Anglesey image. A second normal control Cub HL9261, with a diesel engine, had the same working career and is now undergoing restoration in Oxfordshire after a long spell in Yorkshire. Both Cubs had the longer style of radiator, HL7538 having the light-six OHV petrol engine of 29.4 hp and 4.4 litre capacity.

Edward Pritchard was a popular local figure in Anglesey, driving the Cub until his eighty-eigth year, he lived to be a centenarian. Since restoration the Cub, nicknamed Prince of Wales, has appeared at various rallies in Cheshire and Shropshire, attended a Pritchard family re-union in Anglesey, has taken part in a Heart of Wales Road Run and attended the Leyland 120 Rally

1950's South Works Parade

Mr. Terry Margetts has sent in an interesting historical picture.



Our thanks go to Mr. Terry Margetts for sending in this picture, which he discovered while going through some old family photos.

It shows a group of newly constructed vehicles on the South Works Parade and was probably taken in the early to mid 1950's.

Terry's father, Mr. F.W. Margetts, was assistant chief engineer from 1950 until the mid 60's, retiring about 1974.
If anyone can suggest what the two vehicles either side of the "Mouth-organ" fronted lorry are, we would be interested to hear.

Leyland Tigers of GVB, Amsterdam

Jan van der Stelt ( ) has sent in some pictures of Leyland Panthers which were bought by GVB of Amsterdam.








Jan van der Stelt writes in :

The attached photographs I made in the late 60's and early 70's may be of interest to your members.

In 1966 GVB of Amsterdam bought six Leyland Panthers (nrs. 295 - 300) with Dutch Hainje bodywork. In fact they were not original Panthers because only parts were used by Dutch chassis builder Werkspoor.

The official name of the type was Leyland-Triumph-Werkspoor, but they had the Panther badge on the front (299 lost it after an accident).

In 1977 the whole batch was sold to a scrap yard in Soest and they were all broken up.

RTL68 Restoration

Richard Berry of Nelson, NZ has sent in a photograph of the restored RTL68.



Our thanks go to Mr. Richard Berry for sending in this picture.

He sends greetings from New Zealand and says, "I attach a photo of RTL68 in New Plymouth, NZ. taken in March this year. The bus is owned by Joe Goodin, who has restored the interior to a high standard, but with tables, as he hires the bus out for functions. The bus has its own liquor licence and remarkably still is licenced with its original number plate!"

Leyland Comet 90

Tony Missin sent us this picture of his restored Leyland Comet 90.



Tony Missin, who has recently joined the Society, sent us this picture of his restored Leyland Comet 90. The cat, who appears to be admiring it, obviously has very good taste!

Crosville Leyland Tiger TS7 restoration

David Moores has sent us a picture of his restored Crosville Leyland Tiger TS7.



Photo by kind permission of John Senior.

This bus, which was recently seen at the Crosville Centenary Rally, was one of 72 Tiger TS7's that entered service with Crosville in 1937. This vehicle was based at Llandudno and was unique in that it had a Post Box fitted to the rear near side panel and collected mail when it was running along the east side of the Conway Valley whilst en route from Llandudno to Eglwysbach via Glan Conway. The present owner, David Moores, acquired it in 1963, and has carried out a lot of work mechanically and on the body. In 1985 it was issued with a class 6 MOT, and was operated under the Yesteryear Motor Services banner, doing weddings and other private hire work. David has saved a further five pre war ex Crosville Leylands, D41,anLT2 Lion, K101, a TS7 Tiger, KA158, a TS8 Tiger,L7(later M203)a TD1 Titan and N33, a KP2 Cub. Most are in various stages of decay, but if there is anyone who would like to be involved in any way in providing assistance in restoring any of the above vehicles, or even part ownership or purchase, provided it is with a serious view to restoration, please get in touch. David would also like to know if anyone has any knowledge of the whereabouts of any spare parts for the above bus's, or photos of KA 27 which might show the Post Box. David's address is; 10 Ladygate, Diseworth, Derby, DE74 2QF or telephone 01332 812629.

1913 Barnsley S3.30.T. Restoration project

Mike Sutcliffe at this years HCVS London to Brighton Run, with the Outright Winners Cup, Concourse D' Elegance. The bus is his 1913 Barnsley S3.30.T.




Committee Meeting at Totternhoe 15th June 2006

A few pictures taken on the occasion of the 2006 Committee Meeting at Totternhoe on June 15th.



A picture taken at the 2005 Committee Meeting of Mike's latest renovation project - now completed.


The recently completed 1913 Barnsley S3.30.T



The recently completed 1913 Barnsley S3.30.T


The recently completed 1913 Barnsley S3.30.T



View of the drivers cab, and the bonnet open to see the engine.


Completed projects in the shed. The White Rose in the centre was the previous restoration project.



The oldest vehicle in the collection: 98 years old and counting.


View of the interior of LN-7270.



The current restoration project: the bus had been cut short to accommodate a crane, so the chassis in the foreground will be needed in place of the original.


Another view of the current project.


HE-12 parked up outside Mike's house, ready to take us to the Committee Meeting.

Crosville 2006 Centenary Rally




Onslow Park Rally

Here are a couple of pictures taken at the 2006 Onslow Park Rally, Shrewsbury. These two photos were sent in by one of our members and were taken at this years Onslow Park Steam Engine Rally, which took place during August Bank Holiday. As usual, Leylands, were very much in evidence including these three from the 1930's.



A 1935 Leyland Beaver belonging to Mr. John Boughey of Much Wenlock, alongside a Leyland Hippo of the same year, belonging to the Pyatt Bros of Cheadle.


A beautifully restored 1932 Leyland Badger belonging to Mr. Paul Adams of Brewood.

34th annual Yesteryear Rally on September 9th/10th.

The Malpas Vintage Machinery Association Ltd held their 34th annual Yesteryear Rally on September 9th/10th. Here are a few of the Leylands that were there.



Three well turned out buses from the Wirral Transport Museum, Birkenhead. BG 9225 is a PD1, new to Birkenhead Corporation in 1946. Next to it is a Wallasey Corporation 1951 PD2/12, and the single decker is a Leyland Cub L1, new to Birkenhead Corporation in 1964. An interesting point is that this Cub was one of only 4 single deckers in Birkenhead's fleet of 221 double deckers, and operated on the 44 route, New Ferry to Eastham Ferry, as well as doing the mid week Birkenhead to Liverpool night tunnel service.


Another later Birkenhead double decker alongside a 1972 Leyland Leopard, which started out with Midland Red, and is now owned by Mr. B. Smith of Buckley.



A 1954 Leyland Steer brewers dray, restored by the Pyatt Brothers in the 90's. Now owned by Mr. D. Bishop of Nantwich.


A fine looking Leyland Hippo Mk.11B. This vehicle was operated by Davis Bros. (Haulage) Ltd after ww2, and is now owned by Mr. P. Davis of Whitchurch who is the grandson of the company founder

The 2006 Wirral Bus & Tram Show

The Wirral Bus & Tram Show was held on 1st October 2006 at Birkenhead. Here are a few of the Leylands that were there.



Chris Lonergan's 1958 ex Manchester PD2.


Two Liverpool Atlanteans now in the care of Merseyside Transport Trust.





An ex Potteries Olympian and an ex Western National 1980 Leyland National.


Two trams and a Birkenhead PD2 operating a passenger service to the Taylor Street Museum, via the B'head Docks, and to Woodside.

An immaculate PD2

Ray Steele's recently acquired 1965 ex Stockport PD2 seen at last years Smallwood Rally in Cheshire.


1950 Leyland Beaver

Mr. Glen Richards has sent us this photo of a 1950 Beaver.

Our thanks go to Mr. Glen Richards who has sent us this photo of a 1950 Beaver, Chassis No. 505736, which worked in the Snowy Mountains, and is his next restoration project.


An Australian Restoration project.

Phil Dixon of New South Wales has just sent us this picture of his latest acquisition which he is going to restore.
It is a reconditioned RAF Type, and was reconditioned at the Ham Works, Kingston, in Dec/Jan. 1921. Good luck Phil!


Pictures from Australia

Andrew Blacklock has sent in three interesting pictures from Australia.




Leyland Atlantean, EX: Scout motors fleet no 3 & Ribble fleet no 1971 (UK rego no PRN143) at RAAF Base Williamtown (near Newcastle, NSW Australia) April 2006. In front of it, a Kittyhawk.







On the left a 1971 Australian bodied Atlantean (Ex NSW Public Transport Commission, Fleet no 1071. Ran out of Randwick depot - Sydney. Owned/operated by Sydney Road Transport Assn.)
On the right a 1961 model UK Atlantean, ex Scout motors, no 3/Ribble 1971 which operated at Taree and Lake Macquarie, NSW Before preservation in 1993. Owned by the Jeffriess and Blacklock families, Newcastle NSW. Photos taken at the 2005 vintage truck muster at Swansea NSW, AUSTRALIA, arranged by the Hunter Valley Classic Commercial Vehicle Club inc.

Our thanks go to Mr. Andrew Blacklock for sending in these pictures.

Some recent Society pictures


Dave Berry and Dave Bishop manning the Society stand at Donnington 2007.


A closer look at the Society stand at Donnington 2007.





Green bus over the pit. Dave Moores Crosville Tiger having its MOT test completed.


Two Leylands at the completion of this years Cheshire Run.

Another Leyland, a Hippo, in the Cheshire Run.

A magnificent Scammell from Australia.


Andrew Blacklock of NSW has just sent us this photo of his recently acquired Scammell Routeman. It earned it's keep for 35 years with Smith's Transport of Abermain, NSW, and is powered by a Leyland 680 Power Plus engine. A very fine looking vehicle.


A recent Restoration.

A recent restoration project by the Pyatt Brothers. The restoration of this 1962 Leyland Octopus Tanker has just been completed by the Pyatt Brothers. It has taken them 2 years to complete, and this picture was taken at Gaydon by one of our members, Gary Dwyer.


Pictures from Totternhoe

A couple of pictures taken at the summer committee meeting.



The Society's summer committee meeting was held at Totternhoe and we had the pleasure of riding in Mike Sutcliffe's 1923 White Rose Leyland SG7.


The fine woodwork throughout the bus is evident on this picture of the driver's door.

Onslo Park Rally 2007

Some pictures taken at this year's (2007) Onslow Park Rally, Shrewsbury.



The Pyatts recently restored 1062 Esso Tanker.


Mr. P. Adams 1958 Octopus UUY 892.





Pyatts 1953 BRS Octopus SUB 701.


A couple of 8 wheelers manoeuvring back into position.





3 Comets and a Steer in the lorry line up.


M. Wainwrights 1959 Beaver Artic, 665 MTB.





A 1956 PD2/12 belonging to F. Gradwell.


DTJ 58.

35th annual Yesteryear Rally

The Malpas Vintage Machinery Association Ltd held their 35th annual Yesteryear Rally in September 2007. Here are a couple of Leylands that were there.



This fine looking Fire Engine is a Turntable Ladder TLM2A, new to Macclesfield in 1938.


A close up of the drivers controls.






A well preserved 1964 Massey Bodied Leyland Cub, one of four new to Birkenhead Corporation. Now owned by Wirral Transport Museum.


Astle Park Steam

Two photographs taken by a member at The Show at Chelford, Cheshire, in 2007.



One of the exhibits in the Tractor section is this rare beast! Is it a one off, or are there any more about? We'd like to know.


Grandson at the wheel, get 'em young.

The 2007 Wirral Bus & Tram Show

Some of the many Leylands seen at The 2007 Wirral Bus and Tram Show in October



A 1991 Leyland Olympian owned by Nottingham Bus Enthusiasts alongside a 1956 Crossley built PD2 new to Liverpool. It now belongs to Merseyside Transport Trust.


Northwest Museum of Transport own this 1962 East Lancs Bodied Widnes PD2.





A PD3/4 Recovery vehicle now owned by Mark Penney of Blackpool.


Two Northern Counties bodied Atlanteans, 1978 & 84 vintage belonging to Paul Nicholson and Adam Stephenson.





Outside the Vehicle Park visitors could ride on a bus or tram service to Taylor Street Garage Working Museum, via Woodside Landing Stage.


The Museum's 1967 Massey Bodied PD2 Picking up passengers for Taylor St., and Woodside.


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